Additional Resources


The following websites broadly aim to provide resources to alleviate the lack of diversity in philosophy or provide data and documentation of the issues. Specific articles and some blog posts dedicated to these issues are included as entries in our database, rather than listed here. If you would like to submit an additional resource to this list, please reach out via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

American Philosophical Association Blog: Diversity in Philosophy Departments

APA Data and Information on the Field of Philosophy

APA Directory of Philosophers From Underrepresented Groups in Philosophy (APA UP directory)

APA Diversity and Inclusiveness Syllabus Collection

APA Guide to Undergraduate Diversity Institutes in Philosophy

Bibliography of Works by Women Philosophers of the Past

BioPolitical Philosophy

British Philosophical Association Diversity Resources

British Philosophical Association and Society for Women in Philosophy (UK)’s Good Practice Scheme

Canadian Philosophical Association Good Equity Practices

Data on Women in Philosophy

Diversity Reading List: Helping You Include Authors from Under-Represented Groups in Your Teaching.

Extending New Narratives in the History of Philosophy

Gendered Conference Campaign, 2009. Feminist Philosophers Blog: News Feminist Philosophers Can Use.

Gender, Race and Philosophy: The Blog

PSA Underrepresented Philosophy of Science Scholars (UPSS)

PSA Women’s Caucus

The Deviant Philosopher: A Resource for Learning Philosophy Teachers

US National Science Foundation: Rates of US PhDs Awarded to Women in 2009

What Is It Like to be a Woman in Philosophy?

What We’re Doing About What It’s Like to be a Woman in Philosophy