New Data on the Representation of Women in Philosophy Journals: 2004–2015

Author(s)Isaac Wilhelm; Sherri Lynn Conklin; Nicole Hassoun
JournalPhilosophical Studies
AbstractThis paper presents new data on the representation of women who publish in 25 top philosophy journals as ranked by the Philosophical Gourmet Report (2015) for the years 2004, 2014, and 2015. It also provides a new analysis of Schwitzgebel’s 1955–2015 journal data ( The paper makes four points while providing an overview of the current state of women authors in philosophy. In all years and for all journals, the percentage of female authors was extremely low, in the range of 14–16%. The percentage of women authors is less than the percentage of women faculty in different ranks and at different kinds of institutions. In addition, there is great variation across individual journals, and the discrepancy between women authors and women faculty appears to be different in different subfields. Interestingly, journals which do not practice anonymous review seem to have a higher percentage of women authors than journals which practice double anonymous or triple anonymous review. This paper also argues that we need more data on academic publishing to better understand whether this can explain why there are so few full-time female faculty in philosophy, since full-time hiring and tenuring practices presumably depend on a candidate’s academic publishing.
KeywordFeminism, Gender, Gender gap, Gender representation, Statistical Analysis, Data
Date Published June 2018
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Open Access?No

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