State of the Profession 1967-2017 and Beyond: Institutions and Faculty

Author(s)Debra Nails; John Davenport
AbstractState of the Profession 1967–2017 and Beyond: Institutions and Faculty gives a detailed picture of the profession of academic philosophy and how it has evolved over five decades. To compile historical and current information on philosophers in America, the report uses data from past editions of the Philosophy Documentation Center’s (PDC) Directory of American Philosophers and then-current data provided by PDC in 2017, as well as information from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), supplemented by self-reported data from APA members. The report provides more detail on the state of the profession than has previously been available, including more specific information on gender, institutional types and affiliations, and regional differences among philosophy programs. The State of the Profession report is intended to provide philosophy departments and institutions a clearer and more comprehensive long-term view of the makeup of philosophy programs in America, which can be used to inform departmental and institutional decision-making.
Institution/SocietyAmerican Philosophical Association
Date Published September 2020
Page Count59

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