Discriminating Well: On Excellence in Philosophy and Ways of Seeing Disciplinary Space

Author(s)Fiona Jenkins
JournalRivista Di Estetica
Thematic Cluster/Special IssueDiscrimination in Philosophy
AbstractThe current discourse on gender equity in universities most often situates itself in relation to eliminating bias and thus ensuring objectivity in rankings of excellence. With a focus on the discipline of philosophy, the article asks whether we thereby miss what it is important to contest but also cultivate in social worlds organized by their ever-partial and imperfect forms of discrimination in judgment? An approach based in efforts to engage in socio-political regulation of discrimination is proposed as advantageous.
Keywordsdiscrimination, gender, equality
Date Published January 2017
Google Scholar Linkhttps://scholar.google.ca/scholar?cluster=12850016731333161744&hl=en&as_sdt=0,5
Open Access?Yes

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