Grassroots Philosophy and Going Against the Grain

Chapter Author(s) Alisa Bierra
Book/Edited Volume TitleA Guide to Field Philosophy: Case Studies and Practical Strategies
Editor(s)Evelyn Brister; Robert Frodeman
AbstractThis chapter develops a model of “grassroots philosophy” for academic and non-academic philosophers who participate in community organizations. It questions academic norms that privilege certain perspectives, forms of knowledge, methods of discourse, and paths for research dissemination. It also investigates how social norms of gender, race, and class intersect with disciplinary standards. Drawing on narratives of the author’s own work in a community organization against rape, abuse, and violence, this chapter demonstrates the roles that philosophers can play to catalyze community organizing and how activist involvement can benefit academic philosophy.
Keywordsfield philosophy, grassroots philosophy, activism, non-academic philosophy, community organizing, norms, co-creation, practice-to-theory methods, epistemic humility, race, gender, diversity
Date Published 2020
ISBN9781351169080; 978-0-8153-4757-6
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