Is Asking What Women Want the Right Question? Underrepresentation in Philosophy and Gender Differences in Interests

Author(s)Stacey Goguen
Thematic Cluster/Special IssuePhilosophy and Its Borders
AbstractIn discussions of the underrepresentation of women in professional philosophy, those sceptical of discrimination as an explanation often suggest that gender differences in interests are a plausible alternative hypothesis. Some suspect that if women’s differing interests explains underrepresentation, then interventions suggested by the discrimination hypothesis might be unnecessary—or even risky. I argue that one needs to consider how stereotypes might influence interests, and that doing so can provide a more even-handed assessment of the risks involved in proposed interventions.
Keywordsunderrepresentation of women, interests, stereotypes, stereotype threat, belonging uncertainty, inductive risk, boundaries of philosophy
Date Published June 2018
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