Social exclusion in academia through biases in methodological quality evaluation: On the situation of women in science and philosophy

Author(s)Anna Leuschner
JournalStudies in History and Philosophy of Science
AbstractEmpirical studies show that academia is socially exclusive. I argue that this social exclusion works, at least partly, through the systematic methodological disqualification of contributions from members of underrepresented social groups. As methodological quality criteria are underdetermined their interpretation and weighting can be biased with relation to gender, race, social background, etc. Such biased quality evaluation can take place on a local or global level. The current situation of women in academic philosophy illuminates this. I conclude that only mechanical solutions can effectively change the situation.
KeywordsFeminist philosophy of science; Women in philosophy; Methodological standards; Theory appraisal
Date Published December, 2015
Google Scholar Link,39
Open Access?No

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